While biochemistry is important, there is more to the puzzle. 

Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs are another big piece and if they are not addressed, they can perpetuate your thyroid symptoms.

I've spent two decades working with hundreds of thyroid cases, and I can confidently say that to truly support Hashimoto's and optimize thyroid health, we need to look at it from all angles. 

Even when the biochemistry is relatively balanced, people can still experience frustrating thyroid and autoimmune symptoms. 

Why is that? 

The answer lies not just in our thyroid or immune system but in our thoughts, emotions, imprints and beliefs.

Over the last 20 years, I started to notice more specific beliefs and patterns in my thyroid cases.

I call these patterns - Thyroid Blocks.

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Thyroid Blocks can range from things like not being able to express, to not feeling good enough, to shame, to being a people pleaser and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

These blocks, whether consciously acknowledged or not, can create conflict in our minds and put your body into an upregulated state (aka fight-or-flight mode). 


When your nervous system is constantly in this state of stress, it negatively impacts your immune system, thyroid and everything in between. 


Remember that one of the key triggers for Hashimoto’s is stress. Stress is not just the events that go on in your life, but how you actually think about it and what you do with it. 


While we address physical stressors like diet and infections, we often overlook emotional stressors. 


These emotional blocks can persist even after other triggers are eliminated. 


If you're still struggling with thyroid issues, even after making dietary, supplement, or medication changes, your thyroid blocks might be the missing piece. 


And if you are feeling better due to positive changes in your diet and/or medication, addressing these thyroid blocks can take you to the next level and accelerate your results.


Clear Your Thyroid Blocks is a virtual program where together we work on the emotional and energetic level to find and clear thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are perpetuating thyroid symptoms and holding you back from really living your best life.


I will show you exactly:

  • How you can ‚Äúwatch‚ÄĚ your thoughts
  • How you can easily and effortlessly intervene when a thought is not serving you
  • Clear the thought and the original pattern or belief for good and
  • How to replace it with a different core belief that will elevate you to the next level


In this program, we will have 2 virtual group sessions (live and recorded) that are 90 minutes each.


This highly informative program will help you unearth your deep-rooted beliefs around freedom of expression, feelings of not being good enough, shame, guilt and we dive into negative self-talk and how to stop it. 


You will be surprised at how many of these blocks you have and how they are affecting your health.


With this method, there are: 

  • NO additional diet changes to make
  • NO¬†additional supplements to take
  • NO additional modification to your exercise routine
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In the first session, I will explain the method in detail and we will start clearing the blocks that come up.



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In the second session, we will pick up where we left off and continue clearing the major thyroid blocks such as freedom of expression, not enoughness, shame, guilt and many more

We will be doing the process together to clear the main blocks AND additionally, I will be teaching you exactly how you can do it on your own for any thought, pattern, belief or issue that comes up for you going forward.



If you are dealing with thyroid issues, you are likely taking thyroid support, supplements and changing your diet.


However, if you keep thinking the same thoughts and operating from the same beliefs that do not serve you, nothing will truly change.


These will keep your body in a state of stress when in that state, even if you are making or getting thyroid hormones, the cells can also be stuck in this stress response and will not be able to accept it and then… hello thyroid symptoms!


You and everyone else dealing with thyroid issues has thyroid blocks. 


There are thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are actually holding you back.


It's not a matter of either focusing on biochemistry or addressing emotional blocks. It's marrying them both for optimal results. Changing these patterns and beliefs is one of the quickest ways to downregulate the nervous system. 


When we downregulate the nervous system, we can actually create an environment where your body can heal effectively AND where the diet, supplements and any medication you may be taking are going to have an even better effect. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused about what you may be missing to solve your thyroid issues, you will gain clarity and feel empowered that you are taking control with certainly on exactly what to do.

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This is for you if you are struggling with: 

  • Thyroid Issues
  • Hashimoto‚Äôs
  • Autoimmunity
  • Chronic Health Issues